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Circle Reiki Free - June

Reiki Circle (free) to enjoy the healing energy of love from the Reiki frequency, me and my students we are going to be with you through the process while I will teach you some tips to keep yourself balanced, and will explain what Reiki is and how it works

🌟 June 12, first circle 10 am Miami Springs.

and at 11 am Reiki Level I

🌟 June 18, 10 am second circle (free) Dania Beach

and at 11 am Reiki Level I

In the Reiki course you will learn:

• Yoga breathing technic.

• Reprogramming.

• What is Reiki? And how it works.

• How to confront your fears.

• Reiki History

• Principles of Reiki

• Cho Ku Rei Symbol

• Initiation

• Practice on your own.

Now you will know how to heal yourself, balance your chakras, lift your immune system, and definitely vibrate at a high and positive frequency.

Come and enjoy with us the magic of Reiki.

Bring a friend!!!

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