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Reiki Therapy

Choose your plan

Healing Membership

  • Energy Renewal Plan

    Every month
    2-Hour Plan: Personalized therapies online, split as you wish.
    • Your sessions, your schedule.
    • Reiki, pendulum, numerology—comprehensive care.
    • Start or deepen your healing path.
  • Deep Transformation Plan

    Every month
    Deep Transformation Plan: 4 hours of in-depth therapy for inner balance and harmony.
    • 4 hours focused on your healing and growth.
    • Reiki, pendulum, and numerology therapies designed for you.
    • Ideal for lasting personal change and development

Why Choose Our Plans?

Each plan is crafted with your well-being and personal growth in mind, offering a clear path to healing and self-knowledge. Under Patricia's expert guidance, you will uncover new dimensions of yourself and learn powerful tools to navigate life with greater peace and clarity.

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