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Patricia Derizans

Patricia Derizans is the founder of Face Body & Soul. She's been a Licensed Esthetician since 2000 and a Reiki Master since 2006. Patricia holds over 25 certifications on different techniques that can help your face body and soul. 

She has traveled all over the world and has lived in many places like Florida, North Carolina, Hawaii, and now resides in California. Where it teaches her techniques and offers all her services. 

She has dedicated the last 22 years to helping thousands of people reconnect with themselves through her techniques. Some of her energetic healing techniques are:
• Reiki (Master Reiki)
• Prana healing. 
• Reconnective Healing. 

On top of all this, she also knows Numerology. She's a channeler (medium), who uses all these tools to change lives. Patricia can help you heal your physical and emotional body;  she can guide you to the right path in your Love life, your Professional life, and improve your health.

2001 License Esthetician
2001 Reiki practitioner 
2008 Prana healer 2008
2011 Reconnective healer
2008 Lomilomi Hawaiian healing

2008 Numerologist 
2008 Pendulum channeler 
2018 Reprogramming technique

My therapy is an awakening!!! 
To discover that the power is inside of you

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