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Reiki level I

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Experience is a magical

Patricia's Reiki level I experience is a magical learning opportunity where you learn how to become a channeler of divine energy. With a good heart, you'll be able to heal yourself and others. Through Reiki, I will teach you to reprogram yourself and make this a tool to navigate through the rollercoaster of life with your hands up in the air. Reiki therapy creates an energy flow where you pull energy from the fountain of divine power. Then while you channel this energy, you heal yourself and others while overcoming challenges like depression, diseases, mental blockages, inflammations; it accelerates the process of healing fractures, boosts the immune system, and helps balance energy in the body by controlling your emotions. Reiki heals the physical body since every physical issue comes from emotional blockage. Reiki is an intelligent energy that serves to recognize where stagnant emotions come from and heal them. Learning Reiki healing is a beautiful tool to have to navigate this life.

You can now book your level I Reiki on my website

We invite you to be part of our Reiki courses in Miami

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